Esacpe Travel Card

The Escape Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard® Card is the simple, safe and cost effective way to manage your spending money whilst you’re abroad.

The Escape Travel money prepaid MasterCard is the safe, simple and cost effective way to manage your holiday spending money. To apply & find out more, go to

escape travel card application

Why Choose the Escape Travel Card

Anyone can order the Escpae Travel card. You just need to load it with money before you depart and it can be used anywhere in the world - wherever MasterCard is accepted. Its safer than carrying cash and easier and more convenient than travellers cheques.
  • Competitive foreign exchange prices
  • Free to make purchaes overseas wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Withdraw cash for free at over 2.1m ATM's
  • Safe & secure - ability to text to lock/unlock your card 24/7.
  • Re-use the card on future holidays as its valid for 3 years.

Order a companion card to give to your partner or simply to keep in the safe.​

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